John Hyrcanus the High Priest and Ruler of Judea who spread Judaism by the Sword

Back by popular request 😉 I’m releasing this article again especially for Debi.


John Hyrcanus (Yohanan Hyrcanus – יוחנן הורקנוס, Ιωάννης Υρκανός) was the High Priest and fourth Hasmonean (Maccabeean) Prince to rule Judea in the 2nd century BCE. It is believed that he was born between 175-164 BCE. He served as High Priest and Ruler of Judea from 134 BCE until his death in 104 BCE.

Although it is important to note that he was not an absolute Monarch or King, for Josephus wrote, “NOW when their father Hyrcanus was dead, the eldest son Aristobulus, intending to change the government into a kingdom, for so he resolved to do, first of all put a diadem on his head, four hundred eighty and one years and three months after the people had been delivered from the Babylonish slavery, and were returned to their own country again.” Josephus Antiquities of the Jews Book 13:11:1

Furthermore he is credited with minting the first ever Jewish…

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